Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dear Diary 3/27/2014


Dear Diary,

Looking for ducks
Just stopping for a moment to catch my breath and catch you up on what I've been doing lately I can't believe that I've been in my new home now for over two whole months! Feels like a lifetime to me.

Everyday Mommy and Papa take me on long walks through the fields and around the lake across from the road from us. I love looking for birds and squirrels and being able to run around off leash. I'm very careful to stay away from the road and listen when Mommy or Papa calls me.

I spied a couple of Mallard ducks and carefully snuck up on them.

I saw two Mallard duck near the shore and tried to sneak up on them
Today, we spent about a trillion hours running around the lake. I spied a couple of Mallard ducks near the shore and very quietly snuck up on them. I hide behind a fallen tree, but they saw me and quickly swam away.

Last week, Mommy took my to my new Vet. She said it was something called a "Meet and Greet." I really like him and I tried very hard to behave. The stories of my past behaviors at the vet followed me, so I was afraid that if I did something wrong, my new family might send me back. Not to fear, Dr. Peter helped me feel at ease and even gave me some yummy treats each time I did what he asked me to. Oh Boy, oh boy oh boy! Were those treats good!

Dr. Peter told me that I have lost 4.5 lbs and that I am more than halfway to my ideal weight. Looks like my diet is working and all the exercise is doing some good. I hope I lose the rest of my weight soon though, if given a choice, I'd much rather spend my days sleeping on my bed next to Mommy and her computer. She needs me to help keep her on task.

I have more good news. I don't have to have the benign melanoma on my eyelid removed right away. Dr. Peter said that it wasn't causing my runny eyes. It is instead my lower eyelids slightly rolling in toward my peepers. The bad news is that he also said that I need to get my teeth cleaned really bad. I might even lose a couple teeth. Ugh! Does it hurt when they pull your teeth?

I'm starting to feel really at home here now. I still have times when I feel really sad and don't want to anything at all, but they are getting fewer and fewer. I no longer carry my old collar around everywhere I go. I now carry my leash. It is a lot more fun to drag it around and tell everyone that I want to go for a walk than carrying an old boring collar around.

See how swelt I'm getting?
Mommy and Papa are really working with me on my commands. I am heeling better now, and I finally mastered that rolling over thing. Mommy got real excited about that, so I do it all the time now. She also discovered that I really do like to fetch - well sort of like to, depending on my mood. What I like best of all though is furry squeaky toys. It is so much fun to get the squeakers out. We found a Kong ball that squeaked on the lake shore and took it home. I had that squeaker out in less than five minutes. Boy, am I getting good! Mommy also bought me "Foxy" another Kong toy. I'm really working on that one too, but the squeaker is proving to be a lot harder. It just won't come out. Give me time though and I'll get it.

This is the best home evar!