Sunday, February 2, 2014

Mom's friend and fellow CWVRG member with
"Pink." She is a way too cute of a Vizsla puppy
for her own good.
Dear Diary,

Today was Groundhog Day and to celebrate, I went on an adventure! Right after lunch we all packed into the car and went to someplace called McGukins in Boulder. I had never been there before, but they allow pet parents to bring their fur kids into the store! I didn't have to stay in the truck like I do when we go most places! Yippers! Once in the store we ran into a friend of Mom's and guess what? Shawna had two of the cutest, six week-old Vizsla puppies with her! Mommy took a picture of her holding "Pink." Everyone was crowding around the babies wanting to hold them and love on them. For a while there, I was afraid I was going to be ignored. Well, being royalty and such, I just can't allow that to happen, so I spoke right up and said, "Welp, welp! Over here folks!." People turned around and yes, they started paying attention to me. I've heard it said that babies always steal the show, but these pups didn't have a real chance, not with this Hungarian Princess around!
Here I am showing off my stuff to
fellow visitors in McGukins.

After spending time charming everyone in the store, we headed back home to watch the Super Bowl. Along the way, we stopped at another store and Mommy bought me the cutest stuffed squirrel I've ever seen! Now I can practice my squirrel catching skills. Give me time, those outside squirrels won't have a chance! She also bought me a Hungarian Princess name tag to decorate my collar. All pink, with sparkles and a crown on it. Yummy! On the back is written my name, "Tori Tornado," and my phone number. Now, everyone who meets me will know that I am royalty and should be treated as such.

After we got back home we all settled down to watch the Super Bowl. Our team didn't win so we turned the station and watched something called the, "Puppy Bowl" on Animal Planet. Boy, oh, boy, oh boy! That show was waaaay mooore fun than the other one. Mommy popped some popcorn and every once in a while when Papa didn't think Mommy was looking, he tossed me a piece. Best treat ever! When it was finally time to curl up in bed, Papa didn't even try to tell me to sleep in my own bed. He just held up the covers and said, "Hop in." Best day ever!

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