Saturday, February 1, 2014

Snow Day!
Dear Diary,

Today is going to be the best day ever! We slept in and then Mommy fed me breakfast. After that, Papa and I went out to tend to the chickens and I chased not one, but two squirrels! I'm getting closer to catching them, just have to think up a new strategy. Today the snow is really fun to play in. I dove my face into it and threw big puffs of snow up into the air, then Papa and I made a snow dog. Best fun ever!

Playing in the snow wore me out so I took a little nap, then I was ready and a' rearing to go again! Mommy was busy on her computer working on something she calls a magazine, so I decided to explore a little. WOW! I found this funny tubular like cloth bag full of these interesting plastic bags. Best toys ever! I don't understand why Mommy said NO! Just because I tried to taste one. What is wrong with that? She is such a Party Pooper! I think Mommy finally figured out that I was waaay booored, so she went and found my puzzle ball and Kong and filled them with treats. Way better than plastic grocery bags!

Resting up after the Puppy Bowl
I think Pudgie and I are going to be friends but that Casey boy is going to be a harder nut to crack. Mommy says that I have to take my time and play my cards right, but he is pretty scary. He puffs up and hisses at me, and if looks could kill - I would be dead. I think I am going to stay away from him for now. The other two kitties, Molly and Maggie keep their distance, but I can tell that we are all going to be friends soon.

After lunch, Mommy took me for a run in the snow. Boy, oh boy, oh boy! I ran all over the yard and into the south field. Dusty was nowhere to be seen. Wimp! However, there was something much more interesting in his yard. Mommy told me that those two, really big dogs are actually a miniature pony and a mini donkey. They could run almost as fast as me. I think that I scared them a little and boy was that way fun! Best walk ever!

Finally, we took a drive to the grocery store to stock up on food for something called "Super Bowl Sunday." I had to stay in the truck while they went in, but when they finally came back, Mommy gave me a new toy. Boy, oh boy, oh boy, is my new toy great or what? It is soft and furry and makes fun squeaky sounds. I played with it all afternoon until it stopped squeaking. I'll let it rest until tomorrow so it can get its squeak back.

This has got to be my best day ever!

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