Monday, February 3, 2014

Dear Diary,

This morning I came so close to catching one of those conniving squirrels! We were tending the chickens and when Papa opened the door to the hen house one ran out and almost hit me in the chest! Talk about a surprise! Only took me a second to get over my startle, after all I am a Vizsla. I gave chase and almost caught him, but at the last minute he escaped under the fence. Dang it all! So close! Tomorrow, if one runs out of the hen house, I am going to be prepared. No second chances for thieving squirrels on my watch.

In the afternoon, Mommy taught me a new trick - how to roll over. At first I didn't understand what she wanted me to do. I would just lay down on my side. Once I got the idea though, I had sooooo muccccchhhhh fun! Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks! My favorite trick evar!

My friend Pudgie
After I had my supper, Mommy started fixing their supper. She made something called, "Split Pea Soup." Smelled good, but she told me I couldn't have any. Then, she went and started cutting up some pieces of ham. Ham! My favorite food of all time! I politely asked her for some and, and, and, she said no! What is up with that? I was a good dog today, I even rolled over for her! I watched her put all that yummy ham into the soup. I asked again, and again she still said no! This was getting to be too much! I started whining, and when that didn't budge her, I started going as close as I could to the pan on the stove, looked longingly at it, and barked. Didn't work. Dang her anyway, doesn't she understand what I am trying to tell her? Best treat evar and she won't allow me to have any? I was forced to watch them eat and then watched the leftovers go into the fridge instead of my tummy. I thought that maybe I wasn't being that clear about what I wanted. Humans after all expect us to learn their language, but they seem pitifully slow in learning Vizsla. For the rest of the evening I tried everything I could think of to make them understand that ham was on my menu. Nothing worked, not even grabbing Mommy's shirt and leading her to the fridge. I'm going to sign off now cause it is not one of my best days evar! :-(

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