Friday, February 7, 2014

Dear Diary,

Pudgie and I taking in a little sun
Today is my 10th day with my new family and I am growing more and more comfortable here. My humans play with me a lot and Pudgie and I are becoming real friends.

It's been really cold so I can't go out for long. Papa says that he is going to buy me a coat and snow booties if this weather keeps up much longer.

Today the sun came out and Pudgie and I took a nap near the sun room window.  Mommy was trying to get our picture, but I woke up just before she was able to get a shot.  There is a squirrel that keeps teasing both Pudgie and me. He climbs up onto the window ledge and then chatters away at us. He knows that we can't get to him and he is so smug. Nananana! One of these days he is going to slip up and I am going to be waiting!

I've been practicing catching squirrels by playing with the squirrel  toy that Mommy bought for me. I finally "killed" it today by ripping it open and pulling out the squeaker. Oh boy, oh boy, oh, boy, how I love those squeakers!

I have a lot of fun playing in the house. It can get me into trouble though. I chase the cats and they get all upset, then either Mom or Papa comes running with a spray bottle. Nasty smelling stuff too. Ruins my fun real fast! Party poopers!

The Historic Highlandlake Church
that Mommy helps to take care of.
Yesterday, Mommy and I took a short walk up to the historic Highlandlake church. She said that someone was coming to see the building who wanted to have a wedding in it next fall
. Debbie was real nice and even liked me jumping on her - until I knocked her phone out of her hand. She said only the case was cracked so that was a relief, I really didn't mean to do that, I just got so excited over someone loving on me.

See how well I can play "dead?" Not even my tail is wagging.
Several times a day, either Mommy or Papa plays with me and try to teach me some new tricks. I have fun showing them what I already know how to do, and then they get so excited! I'm really having a hard time learning to roll over though. Just when I think I've got it, I forget how! I keep confusing the command to "roll over" with "play dead." I do the latter really well, and besides it doesn't take as much effort to do. I just lay down and pretend to be dead until someone tells me I can get up. Rolling over, on the other paw, means I have to work at getting my legs to get from one side to the other, or something like that. That is hard work. Much easier to just lay down on my side.

I'm really starting to make myself at home. In the photo on the left, you can see me in my favorite TV watching chair. It's really comfy and I have a good view of everything going on around me. This is the best life evar!

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