Saturday, February 8, 2014

Dear Diary,

I had fun today running in the snow
Today I had an adventure! No, we didn't go somewhere in the truck, we stayed home, but so many fun things to do.

After breakfast, Mommy noticed a great big dog walking through our back yard. She said it was a coyote, that it was dangerous, and that I couldn't go outside while it was around. It walked over to one of our trees and laid down for a nice morning nap in the sun. I wanted to go outside so bad, so finally Papa told me to go get my leash. Oh boy, oh, boy, oh boy! We went outside to tend the chickens, and guess what? Another squirrel came out of the hen house! This time I came soooo close to catching it! After that, we walked around a bit until Papa said we had to come back in. Mommy was still standing at the window watching the coyote. Boy, was she huge! I weigh almost 70 lbs and she made me look like a wiener dog!

After a few hours, the coyote finally got up and headed on over to the lake, so Mommy said we could take our walk now. It was the warmest day in a long time. Mommy didn't even wear a coat. We went out into the south field and I got to run in the snow. Papa came outside too and was knocking ice-cycles off the roof, so Mommy said I had to stay out in the field with her until it was safe. The pony and donkey were out in their pasture so we went over to say hello, then Tiki, a big, scaredy-cat of a German Shepard came out to greet us as well. After that, we went to our other neighbor's house and I met their two dogs, Bobo, an aging German Short hair, and Bonehead, a Boxer. Both were friendly too. I'm so glad I have such good neighbors.

Mommy said that the coyote was pregnant and
had something called "Mange."
While walking and running around the field, I found the coyote's and a fox's tracks. Mommy told me to "use my nose" and so off we went following their trails. We came to the ditch and I saw the fox just on the other side of it. She stared at us for a while. I wanted to go after her, but Mommy said "NO!" and I am learning that when Mommy says "NO" she means it. We also found where the coyote took her nap and followed her tracks to the road. Mommy said that the coyote had something called mange and that I didn't want to get it. After that, I flushed a rabbit and I gave chase for a while, but it went under the neighbor's fence, so I lost it. Squirrels are a lot more fun to chase.

I was pretty tired after all that running and chasing, so I took a nap with Pudgie most of the afternoon. We laid in the sun in the dining room and snoozed the afternoon away.

After supper, I decided that there was dog out in the yard that looked just like me! Mommy kept telling me that it was my reflection in the window glass, but I don't believe her. That dog sure wanted to play! We danced with each other through the whole evening, I on one side of the window and she on the other. What fun! Best day evar!


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