Friday, January 31, 2014

Dear Diary,

Heading home across our field after a long walk
Today, I woke up to six inches of snow on the ground and more predicted this afternoon. Burr! I spent my day playing in the house with Papa and Mommy. Mommy noticed that I really didn't like the store bought toys in my basket so she made me a fun toy out of an old guest towel. Best toy ever!

After lunch, I walked into Mommy's office and saw Pudgie, one of the four cats who lives here, laying on Mommy's desk -right next to her! How come he is allowed up on the furniture and I'm not? I decided to take a chance and check him out. He seems like he might want to be friends, but he sure has a funny tail, all bushy and at least 500 feet in diameter. I tried to put him at ease by not growling at him. I think it worked because we touched noses and he didn't growl at me either.

I love my Papa, isn't he just the cutest?
I think I got must of into trouble at least half a million times today! What's up with that? All I did was do a little counter surfing and dumpster diving. It's not like I was being messy. After all, I was careful not to pull anything onto the floor. I'm tall enough that I don't need to do that. I just stand up on my two hind legs and then nothing is out of reach. Oh, and they sure have long memories! For supper, all I got was my usual kibble. You would think that after I showed them what I really want, they would get the message!

After supper, I settled down with Papa to watch a little TV. Gunsmoke is on and that Marshall Dillon is sure cute, but I think my Papa is a whole lot cuter. It won't be long now until bedtime and I can snuggle up close to my Papa and dream of chasing squirrels. Best day ever!

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