Friday, January 31, 2014

Dear Diary,

Heading home across our field after a long walk
Today, I woke up to six inches of snow on the ground and more predicted this afternoon. Burr! I spent my day playing in the house with Papa and Mommy. Mommy noticed that I really didn't like the store bought toys in my basket so she made me a fun toy out of an old guest towel. Best toy ever!

After lunch, I walked into Mommy's office and saw Pudgie, one of the four cats who lives here, laying on Mommy's desk -right next to her! How come he is allowed up on the furniture and I'm not? I decided to take a chance and check him out. He seems like he might want to be friends, but he sure has a funny tail, all bushy and at least 500 feet in diameter. I tried to put him at ease by not growling at him. I think it worked because we touched noses and he didn't growl at me either.

I love my Papa, isn't he just the cutest?
I think I got must of into trouble at least half a million times today! What's up with that? All I did was do a little counter surfing and dumpster diving. It's not like I was being messy. After all, I was careful not to pull anything onto the floor. I'm tall enough that I don't need to do that. I just stand up on my two hind legs and then nothing is out of reach. Oh, and they sure have long memories! For supper, all I got was my usual kibble. You would think that after I showed them what I really want, they would get the message!

After supper, I settled down with Papa to watch a little TV. Gunsmoke is on and that Marshall Dillon is sure cute, but I think my Papa is a whole lot cuter. It won't be long now until bedtime and I can snuggle up close to my Papa and dream of chasing squirrels. Best day ever!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Chickens? What chickens?
Me and my new Papa
Dear Diary,

I woke up nice and early, eager to start a new day. Papa didn't seem all that happy to get up, but I soon convinced him that it was time to rise and shine. After breakfast, we went outside and I was introduced to the chickens. Not quite sure what they are, but glad that big rooster, they call Henry, wasn't able to get through the fence and at me. He is one scary dude!

On the way back to the house I spied a squirrel! Yippi! That little bugger was a bit too fast for me today, but give me some time and I know that I can catch him. After all, I am a Vizsla, and besides, Papa says that it is my job to keep them up in the trees where they belong, so game on!

After lunch, Mommy took a break from sitting in front of something she calls a "computer" and took me for a walk. We walked around the south field again, said hi to Dusty, then headed past a humongous ditch in our west field. I wanted to explore the stream that runs through the bottom because it looks like it could be a lot of fun down there. Mommy let me sniff around the banks but said NO to going down into the ditch itself. Party Pooper! Then something even more exciting passed by on the road. A car! Yay! I was ready to set chase but Mom grabbed my collar and once again said NO! This time more firmly than the last. What is wrong with her anyway? Chasing cars is fun and she says I need the exercise!! But, getting treats when I mind her, is even better than chasing cars. :-)

After we finished our walk, we found Papa raking some leaves. That looked like fun, so I stopped to help. Jumping in leaf piles is the best fun ever! After that, I took a long nap on the couch until supper-time. After I finished eating, I asked to go outside to potty. It was then that I noticed it was snowing - hard. Ugh, I don't think I like snow and cold all that much! I hurried outside, then came right back in where it was warm.

Once bedtime came around, Papa wasn't as hard to convince that my place was in the big bed snuggled up by him. I don't think it is going to take much time to get these humans properly trained. Best day ever!   

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dear Diary,

My new family came and picked me up today. I really like both of them. Mommy had lots of treats in her pocket and Papa got down on my foster mom's floor and played with me. When it finally came time to go, I was so excited! I jumped right into the back seat of their truck and settled down for a nice ride. The trip seemed to take forever so I took a nap. When we finally arrived at my new home, I bounced up and down with joy! Lots of places to run and play and I get to bound up some steps to get into the house. Kool beans!

Resting after a long first day
Mommy took me for a walk around the south alfalfa field. I met my new neighbor, Dusty. Dusty is a big, friendly German Shepard. He seemed nice enough, but I was sure glad he was on the other side of the fence! After our walk, we went into my new home for the very first time. WOW! Four cats! What fun! I tried to chase them and was firmly told NO! Party Poopers! I spent the rest of the day checking out my new digs and getting acquainted with Papa and Mommy. I finally fell asleep on the couch until it was time to go to bed. I get to sleep with Papa and it took some time, but I finally got him to understand that I DO NOT sleep on my bed on the floor next to the big bed, Nope, I sleep in the big bed, snuggled up under the covers next to my Papa. Best day ever!